Wto Agreement Aim

The World Trade Organization (WTO) is an international organization that aims to promote free trade and ensure fair and transparent trade practices among its member countries. One of the key tools that the WTO uses to achieve its objectives is through agreements that govern trade policies and procedures between its member nations.

The WTO agreement, also known as the Marrakesh Agreement, is the cornerstone of the organization`s legal framework. The agreement has three main objectives, which are to:

1. Promote and expand international trade by reducing trade barriers and liberalizing trade policies.

2. Ensure fair and equitable treatment for all WTO members, regardless of their economic size or level of development.

3. Create a predictable and transparent trade environment that fosters trust and confidence among trading nations.

To achieve these objectives, the WTO agreement sets out a series of rules and regulations that govern various aspects of international trade, including tariffs, subsidies, intellectual property rights, and dispute settlement procedures.

One of the key features of the WTO agreement is the Most-Favored-Nation (MFN) principle, which ensures that all WTO member countries are treated equally in terms of trade policies and procedures. Under this principle, any trade concession or benefit granted to one member country must be extended to all other member countries.

The WTO agreement also provides for special and differential treatment for developing countries, which allows them to implement trade policies and procedures that take into account their unique economic and social circumstances.

Another important provision of the WTO agreement is the dispute settlement mechanism, which provides a forum for resolving trade disputes between member countries in a transparent and predictable manner. This mechanism has been instrumental in resolving various trade disputes between member countries, thereby promoting a stable and predictable trade environment.

In conclusion, the WTO agreement aims to promote free and fair trade among member countries, while also ensuring equal treatment for all WTO members. By creating predictable and transparent trade policies and procedures, the WTO has helped to facilitate international trade and promote economic growth and development around the world.