What Is A Sentence For The Word Agreement

These sample sentences are automatically selected from various online information sources to reflect the current use of the word “agreement”. The opinions expressed in the examples do not reflect the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors. Name-pronoun match: The match between number and sexual orientation means that parts of sentences match. Subjects must match verbs and pronouns must correspond to precursors. Singular subjects need singular verbs; Plural subjects need plural links. After the signing of a peace agreement between the two countries, the citizens of both sides hoped that the treaty would continue. 🔊 Britannica.com: Encyclopedia Article on The Deal The team reached a deal and two new players joined the Chicago Bears through the deal. 🔊 When she reached an agreement with her former boss, the abused worker received a settlement cheque for dropping her claims. 🔊 If you are referring to groups or general names, you should pay close attention to the number and correspondence between the sexes. Note: At common law, the agreement is a necessary part of a valid contract. According to Article 1-201, paragraph 3, of the Uniform Commercial Code, the agreement is the agreement of the parties as expressly represented by their language or implicitly by other circumstances (in the context of business). If you use a singular word and want to replace it with a pronoun, make sure that the two words match both numbers and gender.

In grammar, the number refers to the two forms of a word: singular (one) or plural (more than one). By signing an agreement with the lawyer, the client agreed to pay two thousand dollars for his services. 🔊 Here you will learn how to match subjects and verbs, pronouns and precursors, and maybe even some outfits. You will learn how the agreement also works with collectives and indefinite pronouns. Matching is a big problem because it occurs at least once per sentence. Correspondence means that the parts of the sentences match. Subjects must match verbs and pronouns must correspond to precursors. Otherwise, your sentences will look bulky and shocking, like yellow teeth with a red tie.

Take a second to understand these first rules. Circle the correct verb in each sentence. .