Uipath Service Level Agreement

Now, for each level, set the initial response time based on your company`s ALS levels. The critical priority level can be 15 minutes for example.B. In this release, we also allow users across the company to present their login information with the help of plug-in business credentials, including global and store settings. At the same time, we`ve improved our CyberArk support to give you more customer control while ensuring security. 10.7 Data collection. Preview offers can collect data and send it to UiPath, including personal data. The customer agrees that UiPath and its associated companies may collect and use this information www.uipath.com/legal/privacy-policy or privacy policy applicable to certain software or services. For each of these priority levels, define the type of scenarios each address should use. For example, when it comes to a critical level, a business scenario is: “The robotics service is unusable and the company has absolutely no way to perform automation.” As smart, set the levels… 3. License customer data. Subject to this agreement, the customer (for himself and all of its authorized users) grants UiPath and its related companies a global, non-exclusive and limited license for access, use, process, copy, distribution, execution, export and display of customer data, provides reasonably necessary (a) to provide, maintain and update the Ui CloudPath platform; b) services, security, assistance or repair issues; (c) in accordance with the UiPath Cloud platform`s privacy law or policy.

Orchestrator is the digital nerve center of your robotic staff, so as robots themselves are increasingly important to your business, we want to make sure you are safe from downtime. With great availability, it`s about keeping orchestrator services available for your robots (you might imagine being like an insurance policy you take to keep your robot staff running). By registering for the program, you declare that you have read and understood this agreement, you are the legal age of the “majority” in which you live and you agree to be bound by the terms of that agreement that are necessary to participate in the program. You can contact us at contractnotice@uipath.com if you have any questions about this agreement. Transaction referrals can also be taxed to be clear at the queue level. This feature is enabled when the queue is created and applies to all transactions except for deleted or repeated transactions.