Sfu Volunteer Agreement

The international department provides useful information on research funding, internships abroad and the development of international projects. Information is also available on volunteering and working abroad. To submit your article as part of this institutional agreement, please choose “Simon Fraser University” as an institutional payer in the billing area when you submit your article. Frontiers will then check your permission with the SFU library, and if confirmed, the APC will be paid for by the library after acceptance. This agreement will further encourage Simon Fraser University authors to publish open access by increasing open access to research results, most often publicly funded, for the benefit of the scientific community and the public at large, while reducing costs. Legitimate authors benefit from an optimized billing process – Frontiers billing is managed directly between Frontiers and the Open Access team at the SFU library, and authors only receive an invoice if the APC exceeds the CAD limit of $2,500, in which case the SFU library will charge an invoice to the corresponding author. In both cases, Simon Fraser University and its researchers receive a LDC rebate for items covered by this agreement. To find out if your article is justified under this agreement or if you need more details, please visit the Library`s website on Scientific Publications and Open Access or contact digital-scholarship@sfu.ca The Simon Fraser University Library (SFU Library) helps its researchers make their research more accessible. As part of this support, Simon Fraser University has entered into an institutional agreement with Frontiers.

In accordance with the provisions of this agreement, legitimate authors of Simon Fraser University can publish in any qualified De Frontiers journal, with up to 2,500 CAD in the processing fee for articles covered by the Open Access Fund (APC) and with a simplified procedure. We are pleased to inform you that Simon Fraser University (SFU) has entered into an institutional affiliation agreement for open access publication with Frontiers.