Kaspersky Maintenance Service Agreement Enterprise

Maintenance Contract-Service-MSA Launch 3 Years Cert-Deals Up to 67K MSA Business As part of the MSA Business program, technical managers are working on incidents. Incidents are handled with a higher priority than standard assistance – a request will be resolved within 4 hours. Customers can report incidents via a web portal, email or hotline. Critical incident assistance is available 24/7. Provantage is an authorized dealer of Kaspersky Volumenlizenzen We will contact you by email if additional information is needed or if your order cannot be completed. Our entry-level package proves that quality support can still be very affordable – for any business. MSA Start provides priority support for critical incidents – during normal business hours via the web, phone or email – by our technical experts. Kaspersky Maintenance Service Agreement (MSA) Start – 3 years – Service – 18 Incident (s) – 12 x 5 x 8 Business Hour – Maintenance – Electronic by Kaspersky Lab – Software Licenses “Kaspersky Lab” offers several licensing options that allow users to purchase or renew the license for the required products at optimal conditions. Kaspersky Lab`s software license is limited to a year or two. When the license expires, the client can continue to work in the program, but no longer receives updates. The license must be renewed to obtain software updates. .

For your order to proceed, we strongly advise you to check with Kaspersky first about the details of the program and the authorization. Please base your order on the manufacturer`s parts numbers indicated by the manufacturer. Special Offers University organizations can purchase Kaspersky Lab Software at a special price with a discount of up to 70%. The possibility of participating in the action is defined when granting a training license. Medical organizations can purchase Kaspersky Lab products at a 30% discount. To clarify this possibility, it is necessary to issue a license for the carrying out of medical activities. State research agencies can purchase software products from Kaspersky Lab at a discounted price of 30%. The Kaspersky Maintenance Service Agreement (MSA) includes advanced (MSA Start- und MSA Plus-Level) and premium (MSA Business Level) assistance programs.